Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Monday, June 20, 2011


As king mackerel tournament fishing goes, we seem to be getting pretty good at catching cobia!

Actually, we had a really fun day during the Jolly Mon. Capt. Brant and the OIFC staff always put on a fantastic event.
Unfortunately, the weather and full moon made things a little difficult for most of the field this past weekend. Only 23 king mackerel over 10 pounds were weighed from the 185-boat field.

Joshua, Crockett and I fished Saturday and had a nice day on the water. Our first and only king was caught about 8:20 a.m. We boated a 12-pounder that hit a double pogy rig. Thinking that it was a start, we didn't even consider running the 70+ miles to weigh the fish. As I researched the tournament results last night, we should have taken it to the scales. The king would have placed us 19th overall in the 185-boat tournament. Oh well... certainly not the only time I've made a bad decision during tournament days.

The highlight for the day was around 11:30 a.m. We had what we thought might be another king strike, again on a double pogy rig. Crockett fought the fish to within about 50 yards, when I heard him say, “Cobia, and there’s a bigger one behind him.”
I immediately baited up another pogy on an Accurate SR-12 Twin Spin spinning reel, and finally got the second fish to decide to eat her last meal. About 15 minutes later, Joshua had planted the gaff into two cobia, 42# and 31#, and put them in the box! Certainly not what we were looking for, but it was a lot of fun!

In addition to at least 10, two-foot sharks, we also had three Spanish mackerel about five pounds each.

Overall, it was a decent day of fishing in some very difficult conditions.


Monday, June 6, 2011


Fourchon, LA, proved to be everything that it's known for during the week of May 26 - June 4... BIG FISH and LOTS OF THEM!!

As stated in the previous post, our Liquid Fire Fishing Team traveled to the spectacular fishing location for a 10-day trip that we won't soon forget. After catching a 70# wahoo, dozens of American Red Snapper, many king mackerel and a nice cobia the first two days, the serious fishing began.

Day one of the pro tournament began with check-out at 6:00 a.m. After fishing the tour for three years, it's still impressive to see some of the triple engine, and up-to 42' boats blasting through the inlet after showing their boat number to SKA Managing Partner, Jack Holmes.

At 9:15 a.m., our largest king of the day engulfed a blue runner, set at 48-feet on one of our Cannon downriggers. After a blistering run and about 10 minutes later, Crockett worked the 40.73# fish within gaff range, where Joshua planted the 3" hook in the tail and brought her over the gunwale. After another seven-hours of heavy action, we took her to the weigh-in at Moran's Marina, had a very nice seafood buffet dinner at the local truck stop and got prepared for the second day of fishing on Saturday.

Day two began much like day one, except we had to find our bait, large blue runners, at a different oil rig. The skies were clear, winds were light and seas were calm. While it took a little longer to catch bait, we set our spread in the same offshore location as Friday. After losing two smokers right off the bat, we finally broke the ice with a mid-20 pounder. The upgrades began from there.

A few minutes later, Joshua gaffed our first 35# fish of the day. Feeling a little better, we began setting our spread. Mark was putting our a long line, and Crockett was letting out the medium line when he blurted out, "I've got him on!" Once again, at 9:15 a.m., we were fighting another nice king. Two long runs later, Joshua placed a perfect gaff shot behind her dorsal fin and hoisted the 46.93# slob over and into the fishbox!

Major action continued through the remainder of the day, including another fish weighing 42 pounds that was brought in backwards from about 250 yards after becoming tail-hooked. Crockett also caught his largest cobia, a 50-pounder, toward the end of the day.

After weighing in our day's catch, Crockett claimed his third straight Top Junior Angler title, and the team finished sixth in the pro event. This finish pushed our team into 11th place overall and the Angler of the Year race. Winning the title is a long shot, but we're going to keep fishing hard and have a good time!!

This was a truly exciting event, and one that we consider the most fun, complete fishing trip that we've ever experienced. Our team and family look forward to visiting this fabulous area again next year.