Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team is honored to welcome our newest sponsor: TACO METALS, INC. TACO is synonymous with Sport Fishing, and has been the brand of choice providing top-quality products to the marine industry for over 50 years.  TACO marine and sport fishing products can be found on commercial, recreational, and tournament vessels around the world.

“TACO’s line of sport fishing products is known for durability, simplicity, and angler-friendly features”, says Mark Henderson, Captain Liquid Fire Fishing Team. TACO Sport fishing products continue to lead the way in innovation and performance with products that enhance the fishing experience”, continues Henderson.

“Sport fishing tournaments around the world hold a particular commonality: that the winning anglers boast about their natural talents and how they couldn’t have done it without their TACO sport fishing products,” offers Henderson.

“TACO is delighted to be sponsoring this fine sport fishing team” said Jon Kushner, President of TACO Metals, Inc. “They’re well-organized, forward-thinking and they demonstrate how a well-oiled machine can have its successes when everyone owns their position and responsibilities.” Kushner adds, “Their competitive spirit, winning attitude and all-in-the-family approach is what this sport is all about.”

In addition to engineering the rugged and reliable industry-standard, TACO GRAND SLAM OUTRIGGERS, TACO’s vast marine product portfolio includes: T-Tops and Teleshades; Marine Lumber and Hardware including latches & hinges; marine LED spreader, spot, task & work lighting; renowned rub rail and inserts; casting nest (West Coast Nets) and numerous other boating-marine accessories. Be sure and click to WWW.TACOMETALS.COM  for product and ordering information.

SPOTLIGHT ON: TACO’s LUMATEQ brand marine-grade LED Lighting, offering a $25.00 manufacturer’s rebate on the purchase of two spreader / spot lights between February 1 and March 31, 2012. Follow this link to learn more about this money-saving offer! It’s a great time to upgrade your T-Top and cockpit lighting!

Our team is excited about our partnership with TACO Metals, Inc., we’ve been loyal customers of their Grand Slam Outriggers and numerous other rod holders and marine accessories for years and years.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


For the second time in four years, Crockett claimed the title of SKA YAMAHA Professional Kingfish Tour TOP JUNIOR ANGLER!! To our knowledge, Crockett is the only junior angler to achieve this award twice! He also captured this honor in 2008; the same year our Liquid Fire Fishing Team captured the Angler of the Year title.

The strength of capturing four of the five Top Junior Angler titles in the 2011 professional season catapulted Crockett into the yearly top spot. The pro events in which he claimed first place were in:

Sarasota, FL - Jensen Beach, FL - Fourchon, LA - Little River, SC (postponed and fished in Biloxi, MS)

One of the major highlights of our trip was having the pleasure to meet Ken Clinton, President of Intrepid Powerboats and John Molfetto, Customer Care Representative. Our team is fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to partner with Intrepid Powerboats for the 2012 season. Our new boat is scheduled for completion by the second week of April. There is a lot more to share about this great opportunity in the very near future!! I can’t tell you how excited we are to be able to partner with such a respected company. MORE TO COME SOON…

Now to the YAMAHA Professional Kingfish Tour and SKA National Championship in Biloxi, MS. –

Our Liquid Fire Fishing Team jaunted 1/3 of the way across the country on Wednesday, November 2 to complete the 2011 SKA YAMAHA Professional Kingfish Tour. After the fourth leg of the series was postponed in Little River, SC, the make-up date was slated for Nov. 8, with the Tour Championship being held the following day.

On arrival, the fierce winds of Biloxi greeted us in full force. It was our third time traveling to the popular destination in the Northern Gulf to hopefully experience the infamous “Biloxi Bite!” A little discouraged, we tried to make our way out of Horn Pass and Dog Key Pass several days. Unfortunately, each journey was ended quickly once exiting the passes and being faced with 5-7-foot seas!

With the assistance of our new found weather app, Marine Weather by Bluefin, on our new Droid Bionics (that’s another story in itself); we stayed up-to-date with the offshore forecast. Knowing the winds would be blowing out of the south at no less than 15 knots; we stayed “on the hill” and focused on catching mullet for bait.

The poor weather conditions lead to a format change. Tuesday fishing was cancelled, and that left the Yamaha pro tour teams to catch and weigh two fish during one day of fishing on Wednesday.

Heading offshore after the Wednesday 6:30 a.m. check-out, we knew we had a long, 82-mile adventure in 3’-5’ swells. After the three-hour journey, we deployed our mullet at an offshore oil rig known to produce large king mackerel. FINALLY… we began to experience what we had heard about for years. The kings were there, hungry and big!

After boating about 15 kings between 32-40 pounds in our four hours of fishing, we began the long run back through Dog Key Pass. Weighing two respectable kings, 39.80 and 39.12 pounds, placed us 13th in the tournament, and captured Crockett the 1st place Junior Angler trophy.

The southerly winds continued and a strong cold front passed through the Gulf states on Thursday and early Friday, leaving Jack Holmes, managing partner of the SKA, the tough decision to make the last tournaments of the year (Yamaha pro and SKA Nationals) another one-day shoot-out… and a shoot-out it was!!!

The infamous Horseshoe / Salt Domes was the location for most of the larger fish caught during the Wednesday pro tournament. With two full days for the 147-boat Nationals’ field to gather this information, everyone believed they had a chance to catch two quality fish in hopes of being crowned Angler of the Year and National Champion.

At the Saturday morning check-out, the teams were faced with a “balmy” 40-degree air temperature. Once again, the Liquid Fire Fishing Team strapped on our Columbia foul weather gear only to protect us from the un-seasonably cool temperatures, as the sea conditions of 1-2 feet was by far the best we had ever seen in the upper Gulf!! This as going to be fun!!!

After the 82-mile, wide open throttle run, Joshua pulled back the throttles at about 9:00 a.m. We immediately deployed three large mullet, and within minutes, three 30-plus pound king mackerel “skied” on all three baits!! The “bite” was real, and it was “ON!”

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! We caught and released more king mackerel than we could count. They bit anything and everything.

After three years of skepticism, we finally got to experience the most amazing king mackerel fishery in our country. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of spending time on the water in this area, I can only say... it was worth the wait!

The SKA staff did an awesome job, as always. Thank you Jack, Deonna, Bob, Chris, Loreen, Terry and all other staff and volunteers for another GREAT event!! We’re ready to go again!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team has traveled to Biloxi, MS, to finish the 2011 Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour and participate in the SKA National Championship. After arriving in the popular town, we found out quickly what the ominous cloud that followed us all the way from Swansboro, NC, was... 20 mph winds!!

Our team history in Biloxi has been somewhat less than spectacular. After visiting the area in 2004 and 2008, we have yet to be able to fish a tournament day in the fertile waters of Mississippi. Our 2011 trip has been much the same. We battled 4-5 seas on Friday to try to find and catch blue runners. Instead, Joshua caught a 38-inch redfish in 67-feet of water while using a SPRO Swivel Jig. Crockett did catch an 18# king on a 2-oz. diamond jig using an Accurate SR12 spinning reel.

We're really hoping the winds will subside and finally allow us to experience the epic Biloxi "bite." Stay tuned... we'll try to keep you posted.

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Monday, October 17, 2011


While king mackerel fishing has been slow for most of the season in North Carolina, our Liquid Fire Fishing Team was able to boat a third place 29.34-pound smoker king on Saturday, Oct. 15, in the Rumble in the Jungle KMT out of Little River, SC. In addition to our third place finish in the 93-boat tournament, Crockett won his fifth (5th) Junior Angler title of 2011!! Again, Crockett did the honors as team angler, while Joshua handled the gaffing duties.

After selling our 2008 Contender 31T on September 2, we were worried about what we would do for a boat to allow us to complete the remainder of the 2011 season. But, our friend, Rob Ferris of the Mad Mouse Fishing Team, came through with “flying colors!” Not only did Rob allow us to use his 2009 SeaCraft 32, he spent the entire weekend as a Liquid Fire Fishing Team member!! This was a tremendous asset to our team. While Rob and I have known each other for five years, this was our first opportunity to fish together competitively.

We currently reside in fourth (4th) place in Division 9 with one tournament remaining. There are some tremendous fishing teams in this division vying for the top spot. We can only hope to be competitive down to the wire in the Fall Brawl KMT this weekend!!

In addition to our prize winning king mackerel, we also were presented with a surprise... a 43.25" redfish. What a great fish and fight. Even though it's certainly not the targeted species in a king mackerel tournament, it made for an even more exciting day!!

Stay tuned… I hope it will be a great weekend!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Our Liquid Fire Fishing Team had a highly successful showing during the 20th Annual Sneads Ferry Rotary King Mackerel Tournament on Saturday, August 20, 2011. This event has been one of our favorite stops among the numerous sanctioned events by the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) for years.

The 42.51# king placed us 4th in the event's overall standings, and Crockett clained his FOURTH JUNIOR ANGLER TITLE of 2011. He also took home third place in another event earlier. In a year that has been as tough for catching king mackerel as we can remember, our prized smoker was a welcome passenger once Joshua placed her in the fish box after a skillful gaff shot!

Our day began with any early morning 45-mile run to a known big king mackerel fishing spot out of Drum Inlet, NC. After deploying our spread of live blue fish and menhaden at 7:00 a.m., we fished the area for over three hours and caught one small king. Although the area looked very “fishy,” with a lot of bait and good water temperature, we decided to try another location in about 90-feet of water over 20 miles away.

Once we arrived at the new chosen grounds, it didn’t take long for us to hear the king mackerel tournament fight song… a screaming clicker from one of our Accurate BX600-X reels!!! The long, blistering run indicated that we were chasing down our targeted species, until… the speedy creature appeared and the iridescent glow of vertical blue stripes showed just before Joshua planted the gaff behind the dorsal fin. Never had we been more disappointed to pull a 25# wahoo over the gunwale!

After pouting for a while, we sent our six-bait spread back out, hoping to capture the interest of our intended razor-toothed target this time. Shortly, we noticed the long bait dragging on the surface. Once we got it to the boat, we found that it had been sliced into three pieces by a sneaky predator. I immediately launched another blue fish on the medium line; Joshua skillfully tuned our 31T Contender back on the same trolling pattern. Within 10 minutes, the long-lined pogy was hit by a slow-moving "bus." A couple minutes into the fight the bait thief showed itself, and as we suspected, a seven-foot shark appeared on the surface, attached to our line.

Not to be discouraged, I floated the medium-lined blue fish back long, and Joshua made a third pass through the active spot. In a matter of moments the blue was attacked, and Crockett grabbed the rod in time to hear the KMT fight song once again!! After the fish made short work of exhausting our Accurate of about 250 yards of Yo-Zuri Hybrid smoke purple line, I placed the boat on top of the fish less than five minutes into the fight, and Joshua was able to identify it as “a good one.” Indicating that it was a king mackerel we would be proud to have.

That’s when the fun and excitement of hearing a long, spine-tingling run turn to shear anxiety and tension. The big girl decided that she wanted to make our efforts daunting… she dove deep and stayed there for over 30 minutes! The normal king mackerel fight for our team is generally from about eight to 20 minutes. Thus, once the fish hit at 12:40 p.m., the ensuing tussle seemed an eternity as the minutes clicked by from our GPS.

After Crockett patiently worked the big girl close to the surface, our team was able to see her size, and it gave us an opportunity to get really concerned because of her perceived innate ability to stay just out of Joshua’s range with our Aftco 12-foot gaff. Finally at 1:13 p.m., she came close enough to the starboard bow, and Joshua plunged the hook eight-feet into the water, made the short but smooth gaffing motion, and pandemonium broke out!!

Even after the 33-minute fight, she still had enough spunk to try to pull the gaff from Joshua’s grip. However, he was up to the task and brought the 42.51# beast over the gunwale for a resounding THUD! When putting the big girl in the fish box, the three-hook rig fell from her mouth without having to be removed, which indicated a true professional angling effort by Crockett.

After setting another three-bait spread while we got the boat cleaned and straightened, Joshua took the helm at 2:30 p.m., powered up the twin Yamaha F350s and proceeded to New River Inlet and the weigh-in at New River Marina and Power Marine Outfitters for an early end to our fishing day. We collected nearly $1,700.00 for our daily efforts, but more importantly, we have a family memory that will last forever!!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Our Liquid Fire Fishing participated in the 32nd annual East Coast Got-Em-On Classic King Mackerel Tournament in Carolina Beach, July 8-10. The highly successful and popular event attracted 161 boats for its two-day Captain’s Choice format.

Choosing to fish the second day, along with another 153 teams, because of a small craft advisory issued on Saturday, we began our quest for a slob at 6:00 a.m. After deploying our six-line spread of pogies, blue fish and mullet, we pounded an area out of Bogue Inlet known for big king mackerel this time of year. Unfortunately, the consistency of this year’s bite matched exactly with our chosen location… NOTHING! Two hours into our day, we decided to make a move and then… make a move and then… make a move… well, you get the picture.

Finally, after we began setting our spread at the seventh location of the day, the long line, featuring a juicy blue fish, began the high pitched scream that gives chills to any king mackerel tournament fisherman! The 2:52 p.m. strike immediately made Joshua, Crockett and me forget about the previous nine hours of shear boredom.

After a seemingly endless 13-minute tussle between Crockett and our prized kingfish, Joshua planted the gaff perfectly behind the dorsal fin and hoisted the 24.90-pound king into the fish box at 3:05 p.m. Forty-five miles from the weigh-in at the Carolina Beach Municipal Docks, we made the run hoping to be “in the money.”

Once the weigh-in closed at 5:00 p.m., 54 of the 161 teams had weighed a king. Our nearly last-minute target placed us sixth (6th) overall. The East Coast Got-Em-On is always a well run tournament and has been one of our favorite event for several years.

Our next event will be the Raleigh Saltwater KMT in Morehead City, NC, on July 30. This tournament is another popular outing in Division 1. We’ll keep you updated.


As promised, our Liquid Fire Fishing Team held a random drawing from a total of 19 respondents to an email request that asked to verify their email. Danny Compton of Cape Carteret was chosen from the following email participants:

Troy Ellis, Mitch Mitchell, Danny Compton, Dave Compton, David Seaton, George Venuto, Ann Venuto, Curtis Morris, Greg Carr, Carlis Hardin, Tim Turner, Skip Greene, Jesse Vaughan, Millard West, Ray Taylor, Chuck Bryant, Phil Stallings, Mike Harry, Chris Edwards and John Walston

We would again like thank everyone for attending the event. There were a n estimated 300 attendees.

Additionally, we appreciate all of our sponsors for their support of the show; especially GOOSE CREEK MARINE for the rod and reel donation.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


West Marine in Morehead City, NC, asked our Liquid Fire Fishing Team to hold a king mackerel "How To..." seminar on Saturday, June 25. With the assistance of many of our sponsors, the event was a huge success!!!

West Marine Manager, Chris Schoden, was very pleased with the event, stating numerous times, "You guys rock!" According to Chris, and numerous West Marine employees, the event was one of the most successful of its kind for the boating retail store.

In fact, event coordinator, Leslie Cameron, asked us to prepare for another similar event for the store again in and around September.

Many of our sponsors supported the event with donations of shirts, hats, visors and decals.

Goose Creek Marine, the new Contender dealer in Newport, North Carolina, donated a Shimano Torium rod and reel combo as a door prize. This was a $250.00 donation!! Captains Rick and Charlie Walker’s dealership is located in Newport, NC, on Hwy. 24.

In addition, the Best Buy in Morehead City, and its manager, Sophy Stewart, made a special effort to provide us with a 55" wide screen TV to play our Liquid Fire team videos.

Thanks again to our great sponsors:

Cannon Downriggers, Accurate Fishing Reels, Yo-Zuri, Simrad, Contender Fishing Boats, Yamaha Motors, Optima Batteries, Ocean Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags, SPRO / Gamakatsu, QuadRodz, Pro Chip, Columbia, Costa Del Mar, Power Marine Outfitters, Sanderson Boatworks, Goose Creek Marine.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team would like to welcome the Sportsman's Toy Store in New Bern, NC, to our fine list of sponsors. Earl Dail, owner and long-time outdoorsman, keeps one of the most well-stocked, clean and inviting retail locations you will ever visit!

The Sportsman's Toy Store specializes in all of your fishing, hunting, camping and boating needs. If you can't find what you need in the store, located at 2551 US Hwy 70 E, New Bern, NC 28560, the visit their website - www.sportsmanstoystore.com - or give Earl a call at (252) 638-5600.

Earl's friendly, helpful and trained staff will assit you in getting what you need to enjoy your outdoor activity!

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Monday, June 20, 2011


As king mackerel tournament fishing goes, we seem to be getting pretty good at catching cobia!

Actually, we had a really fun day during the Jolly Mon. Capt. Brant and the OIFC staff always put on a fantastic event.
Unfortunately, the weather and full moon made things a little difficult for most of the field this past weekend. Only 23 king mackerel over 10 pounds were weighed from the 185-boat field.

Joshua, Crockett and I fished Saturday and had a nice day on the water. Our first and only king was caught about 8:20 a.m. We boated a 12-pounder that hit a double pogy rig. Thinking that it was a start, we didn't even consider running the 70+ miles to weigh the fish. As I researched the tournament results last night, we should have taken it to the scales. The king would have placed us 19th overall in the 185-boat tournament. Oh well... certainly not the only time I've made a bad decision during tournament days.

The highlight for the day was around 11:30 a.m. We had what we thought might be another king strike, again on a double pogy rig. Crockett fought the fish to within about 50 yards, when I heard him say, “Cobia, and there’s a bigger one behind him.”
I immediately baited up another pogy on an Accurate SR-12 Twin Spin spinning reel, and finally got the second fish to decide to eat her last meal. About 15 minutes later, Joshua had planted the gaff into two cobia, 42# and 31#, and put them in the box! Certainly not what we were looking for, but it was a lot of fun!

In addition to at least 10, two-foot sharks, we also had three Spanish mackerel about five pounds each.

Overall, it was a decent day of fishing in some very difficult conditions.

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Monday, June 6, 2011


Fourchon, LA, proved to be everything that it's known for during the week of May 26 - June 4... BIG FISH and LOTS OF THEM!!

As stated in the previous post, our Liquid Fire Fishing Team traveled to the spectacular fishing location for a 10-day trip that we won't soon forget. After catching a 70# wahoo, dozens of American Red Snapper, many king mackerel and a nice cobia the first two days, the serious fishing began.

Day one of the pro tournament began with check-out at 6:00 a.m. After fishing the tour for three years, it's still impressive to see some of the triple engine, and up-to 42' boats blasting through the inlet after showing their boat number to SKA Managing Partner, Jack Holmes.

At 9:15 a.m., our largest king of the day engulfed a blue runner, set at 48-feet on one of our Cannon downriggers. After a blistering run and about 10 minutes later, Crockett worked the 40.73# fish within gaff range, where Joshua planted the 3" hook in the tail and brought her over the gunwale. After another seven-hours of heavy action, we took her to the weigh-in at Moran's Marina, had a very nice seafood buffet dinner at the local truck stop and got prepared for the second day of fishing on Saturday.

Day two began much like day one, except we had to find our bait, large blue runners, at a different oil rig. The skies were clear, winds were light and seas were calm. While it took a little longer to catch bait, we set our spread in the same offshore location as Friday. After losing two smokers right off the bat, we finally broke the ice with a mid-20 pounder. The upgrades began from there.

A few minutes later, Joshua gaffed our first 35# fish of the day. Feeling a little better, we began setting our spread. Mark was putting our a long line, and Crockett was letting out the medium line when he blurted out, "I've got him on!" Once again, at 9:15 a.m., we were fighting another nice king. Two long runs later, Joshua placed a perfect gaff shot behind her dorsal fin and hoisted the 46.93# slob over and into the fishbox!

Major action continued through the remainder of the day, including another fish weighing 42 pounds that was brought in backwards from about 250 yards after becoming tail-hooked. Crockett also caught his largest cobia, a 50-pounder, toward the end of the day.

After weighing in our day's catch, Crockett claimed his third straight Top Junior Angler title, and the team finished sixth in the pro event. This finish pushed our team into 11th place overall and the Angler of the Year race. Winning the title is a long shot, but we're going to keep fishing hard and have a good time!!

This was a truly exciting event, and one that we consider the most fun, complete fishing trip that we've ever experienced. Our team and family look forward to visiting this fabulous area again next year.

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Monday, May 30, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team has embarked on the third stop on the SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour. The 1175-mile, seven state jaunt to Fourchon LA, was a very long and tiring 22.5-hour drive.

However, upon our arrival, the area proved to be everything that's advertised... we landed a 33# cobia on #1 gold live bait hook!! Additionally, an hour and one-half of fishing produced several nice king mackerel.

We were told that the American Red Snapper were thick in the area also. While we were bait fishing on Saturday, we found it to be true. Trying to catch blue runners proved to be difficult, as the snapper were more that willing to eat anything we dropped down!! We can't wait until snapper season opens on Wednesday!!! What an exciting place to fish.

Unfortunately, Sunday and Monday were blow outs... Maybe the rest of the week will have better weather. We'll keep you posted...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team comprised of Joshua, Crockett, Audrey and Mark traveled to one of our favorite destinations on the east coast during the week of May 10, Jensen Beach, FL. While it wasn't our greatest showing at this event, (we won it in 2008), Crockett still claimed his second TOP PRO JUNIOR ANGLER title of the year , and we were able to weigh a 17.35# king on day one, a 20.53#er on day two and stay in 18th place in the SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour.

Unfortunately, while Friday was a very slow fishing day, we had a great opportunity to boat a huge king on Saturday morning. Crockett fought the fish for 10 minutes, after it made three long classic kingfish runs, only to come up empty after the beast either tail-whipped the mono or another fish cut the line. While it's a "fish story" to most, it was an extremely frustrating day for our team, knowing we had an opportunity to substantially increase our standings.

In addition, we caught a 22# blackfin tuna, hooked up two sailfish and caught numerous other king mackerel.

Our team travels to Fourchon, LA, on Thursday, May 26, for the third event on the pro tour. Fourchon is one of the greatest fisheries in the world, and our family is very excited about making our second trip to the area. Hopefully, we'll have some great photos and videos we can share from the trip.

We'll keep you posted during the trip if possible!

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Monday, May 2, 2011


After fishing the first leg of the 2011 SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour in Sarasota, FL, Audrey, Joshua, Crockett and Mark returned to Cape Carteret, NC, at midnight, 5/1/11. A 15-hour jaunt across four states gave the Liquid Fire Fishing Team plenty of time to reflect on Crockett's TOP PRO JUNIOR ANGLER honor and its 13th place overall finish.

Our first opportunity to fish the west coast of Florida was made very enjoyable by one of the most organized and well run tournaments in which we've had the pleasure to be involved. The tournament sponsor NBOA Marine Insurance staff, lead by Jim Butler, were prepared, professional and available to help the teams at all times.
A fantastic captain's party kicked off the event Wednesday night. Captains and team members from 35 registered teams shared in food, festivities and conversation throughout the evening. It was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones!! Thanks again NBOA!!

Once arriving at the Sara Bay Marina at 2:45 a.m. Wednesday, we caught a couple hours of sleep, met up with another team to discuss our daily bait-catching excursion, and exited the pass. A couple hours later, and after fighting 20-plus knot winds and four to five-foot seas, we had a couple dozen blue runners in the baitwell.

We awoke Thursday to more high winds and steep seas. This allowed our team to get some needed relaxation before the captain's meeting, where once again, NBOA and Contender Boats provided a fine meal of fish tacos for the teams.

Friday morning again greeted the pro anglers with high winds and angry sea conditions. While some of the teams with bigger boats and large fuel capacities were willing and able to make a 185-mile run where there had been a concentration of tournament winning size fish, some teams (like us) were resided to choosing to fish more local waters to try and capture a good "points fish."

Our day one, 14.92#, king mackerel was a bit of a disappointment. However, we were able to put the much needed fish on the scale to begin the year. Day two wasn't much different, as the winds continued to howel. Even though we didn't catch big fish on the first day in Egmont Channel, there were a few teams that caught some respectable fish there. So, off we went.

Saturday began differently than the previous day, as we had a 25# king hit at 7:57 a.m. Shortly after, our 26.04# fish ate a blue runner that we got from Lee's Live Bait that morning, as Crockett was setting the spread. Fifteen minutes later, the fish was in the fishbox and awaiting the five o'clock weigh-in.

Although we would like to have scaled a couple larger fish, we accumulated enough weight for Crockett to claim Top Junior Angler Pro honors in the event (his FOURTH such individual pro event honor). In addition to resting in 13th place overall by the end of the first event.

Congratulations to Stacy Wester and his Big Bad Wolf team on their victory! Great job Stacy.

The Liquid Fire Fishing Team will be leaving for Jensen Beach, FL, next Tuesday, 5/10/11, to participate in the Frances Langford King Mackerel Tournament. This is another very well run event in a wonderful location. It is also the second of the five professional tournaments. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

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Monday, April 25, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team will leaving for Sarasota, FL, to fish the first SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour event of 2011!
Traveling along with our team will be our newest sponsor, OPTIMA Batteries!! The OPTIMA battery is truly the ultimate in marine starting power. We want to thank and welcome our new relationship with such a fine product and company. To learn more about OPTIMA Batteries, please visit them at - www.optimabatteries.com

You will also be able to visit our team at OPTIMA BATTERIES POWER PACK NATION - powerpacknation.optimabatteries.com/shows/Boat/960

We are excited to be hitting the tour again full time after missing the 2010 season. Hopefully in addition to having a great time, we'll be able to show up at the scales with a couple of big fish.

We'll keep you posted.

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Monday, April 11, 2011


The Liquid Fire Fishing Team is excited to announce that it has joined forces with one of the most exciting and innovative products to hit the "offshore fishing" market in years... NICKEL-TITANIUM leader wire!!

AQUATEKO is the manufacturer of the KNOT-2-KINKY (NiTi) product, which provides the stretch and toughness required when fighting "toothy" critters! No leader wire on the market compares to the KNOT-2-KINKY brand.

The benefits of using it are:

  • It won't kink like single strand

  • It won't fray like stranded wire

  • It has a smaller diameter for it's strength

  • It has less visibility for "leader-shy" fish

  • It is less expensive than the titanium wire

  • It has a 10% stretch factor

  • It can be tied with common knots, such as the Figure-8 and Clinch knots

  • No more Albright, Haywire Twists or crimping

  • It can be used again and again and again...

  • It's just - KNOT-2-KINKY

Visit the AQUATEKO website, www.aquateko.com to learn more about this great product!

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Friday, April 8, 2011


I hope everyone had a good winter, but is now ready for an exciting SPRING!! With the 2011 tournament season looming, I wanted to share our newestvideo that captures some of our 2010 season. The link is:

The new video, entitled "2010 Season Review," should begin automatically on the front page of our site.

There are: some fantastic scenery shots (especially at the beginning); a little bit of goofy excitement from a 46 year old man; good music; and hopefully, a half-hour of enjoyment for each of you.

There are a few things I realized when watching this review:

  • Joshua's getting really good at editing these things.

  • Crockett and Joshua are much better anglers than me, and

  • since Crocket has graduated to handling most of the angling chores, and Joshua now handles most of the gaffing duties, I've got to hone my camera skills. :-)

Anyway, it was a fun year for our team. We are looking forward to the upcoming season, which will begin for us at the first SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour event in Sarasota, FL, from April 29-30. We hope to see many of you there and during the upcoming season.

As always, we hope you enjoy the video and our website. It's meant to entertain and show appreciation for this great sport. Thank you for spending your time with our team. See you soon!

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Friday, April 1, 2011


During a recent redfish hunt, Joshua landed this perfect "slot size" redfish with his Accurate SR-12 and aswim shad. All in all, the crew of Joshua, Crockett, Audrey and Mark successfully landed and released 42 red drum. WOW!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!! BE SURE TO VISIT US AT - www.liquidfirefishing.com

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hi everyone! The Liquid Fire Fishing Team has made the committment to fish the 2011 SKA Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour, which begins April 29 in Sarasota, FL.

We're hoping to hear our Accurate BX-600X reels screaming to the max!! We'll keep you updated. Until then...

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